Excerpts from
L.Kleine-Horst: "Empiristic theory of visual gestalt perception. Hierarchy and interactions of visual functions" (ETVG). Köln
2001 (Preface and Introduction)

 Cover-up of the sabotage of actual genesis
by the German psychology establishment

I sent "The prevented science" to many German psychologists, to German journals and the German Association for Psychology (DGPs). I have described what happened next together with supplemental information from the past in a second book (Kleine-Horst 1998b): first, further swindles by Graumann, Undeutsch and Sander; second, the continuation of the sabotage through today's German psychologists, particularly the executive committee of the DGPs; and third, the close connections between scientific sabotage in the actual genesis domain and the Nazi network that managed the DGPs until 1960.

Editors of German journals

In 1984, the Berlin gestaltist and visual scientist Prof. Dr. Michael Stadler promised to review Part 1 of "The prevented science" (Kleine-Horst 1984a), dealing only with the swindle of Sander, for the journal "Gestalt Theory"  that he edited, and planed another review in the German edition of "Psychology Today". Because: "what you have uncovered must be made known to the experts". He refused, however, to review Part 2 (Kleine-Horst 1984b) that was published several months later and that pertains to the still living coforgers of Sander, i.e. Stadler's colleagues Graumann and Undeutsch, but again confirmed the review of Part 1, as he had no objections to its approx. 150 verified quotes. However, this review was also never published. (Today Undeutsch does business with the discreet Stadler).

Prof.Dr. Oskar Lockowandt, not a visual scientist, spontaneously offered to arrange for a review on Parts 1 and 2 of "The prevented science", which he judged to be "strong stuff". But he found, to his own surprise, that none of the referees who usually wrote for his journal were willing to review these publications.

Psychology Associations  

In 1985, I sent the three booklets on "The prevented science", the third of them dealing with Sander's plagiarism in respect to the ETVG (Kleine-Horst 1985; see also Part 10) to the DGPs. Its full response:

This executive committee consisted of the Prof. Drs. Franz Emanuel Weinert, President, Hans-Joachim Kornadt, Vice- President, Hans Spada, Urs Baumann, and Manfred Amelang.

In 1986, the Secretary General of the International Union of Psychological Science and former DGPs president, Prof. Dr. Kurt Pawlik, did not object to the membership of an association consisting of both researchers and forgers. He was to become president of the International Union in 1992 upon recommendation of the DGPs.

The Professional Association of German Psychologists, of which Sander was an honorary member since 1958, and in which Undeutsch was the head of the department for traffic psychology, did not answer my question regarding "The prevented science". Its discreet Vice President Prof. Dr. Egon Stephan was given the honor of receiving his retired protégé Prof. Undeutsch's university chair.

In 1990 I asked the DGPs a second time for a reaction to "The prevented science". Its executive committee, too, refused to do so, as its president, the visual scientist Prof. Dr. Gerd Lüer, wrote. The next DGPs executive committee (President: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Bredenkamp) made the forger and former DGPs president, C.F. Graumann, an honorary member of the DGPs.

The Nazi network and the German Association for Psychology

1933: The Jew Professor Peters is fired from his chair at the Institute of Psychology at the University of Jena and is replaced by the Nazi Sander, who two months later is already closely connecting science and ideology.

1934: Sander is made coeditor of the "Zeitschrift für Jugendkunde" and writes into the preface:

1935: Sander becomes a member of the executive committee of the DGPs.

1935: Sander publishes G.Hausmann's doctoral thesis of 1933, the second on visual actual genesis, in an abridged version leaving out the detailed theoretical parts, and then submits this abridged version to the faculty as Hausmann's doctoral thesis - without the author's knowledge or even permission.

1936: After this document forgery, Sander loses his membership in the DGPs executive committee.

1937: Sander states in a journal for teachers that  

        And thus,

1938: Sander is received back into the DGPs executive committee; he is its vice-president from 1939 to 1945.

1943: Sander repeats his reprint forgery of 1932 as a private edition.

1944: Sander accepts the postdoctoral thesis of J.Voigt on actual genesis in thought processes only after having forced the author to remove its detailed theoretical part.

1945: Nazi-Sander is dismissed as university lecturer;
 the Nazi-DGPs is closed.


1946: Sander's coforger Undeutsch, student until 1945, emerges as "Diplompsychologe Dozent Dr. habil." at the University of Mainz, to which he has his friend A.Wellek follow him later. A doctoral thesis by Undeutsch cannot be found, its existence is only asserted in literature, and only that by Sander, Wellek, and Graumann as well as by a former fellow student of Undeutsch. Undeutsch's scientific achievements consist of 38 printed pages from 1940 and 1942, in which he forges for Sander and presents himself as a racist. Nobody can be found, moreover, from whom he could have obtained his postdoctoral qualification.

1951: After having published nothing from 1943 to 1949 (except a number of smaller Sander-friendly fakes in the form of book reviews) and two essays on juvenile sexuality in 1950, Undeutsch is made professor in Cologne. The district attornies of the Rhineland vie for the suspected title swindler, who is open to blackmail, as a psychological expert witness. In the years that follow, until 1992, Undeutsch gives more than 2000 testimonials. He even dares to judge the credibility of evidence given by Jewish witnesses in a murder trial against former SS-men. Testimony: not credible.

1952: Undeutsch plays an important role in a putsch: by a crucial vote the DGPs executive committee, which has in the meantime been newly founded, expands its membership by a racial anthropologist. As could be expected, two other members, one of them Bondy who had been dismissed from his chair in 1933 because he was a Jew, leave the committee and are replaced with Nazis, one of them Undeutsch. Thus the last of the pre-war Nazi-network – F. Sander, A. Wellek, O. Kroh, P. Lersch – reestablish their control over the German university lecturers for psychology, which they maintain up to and including 1960.

1953: Sander, who can now be blackmailed by insiders on two points (the actual genetic research and the document forgeries) is once more made Vice-President of the DGPs. No sooner had democratic elections been reinstated in the DGPs than they were done away with again. (This "policy" has continued to the present: every member of the board is nominated according to the old boys' system, running without an opposing candidate to then be elected with a 70-90% positive vote.)

1955: Sander is given a chair at the University of Bonn. Three times in succession, in 1955, 1957, and 1959, he is "elected" DGPs President.

1960: Severe international pressure due to his 1937 racist article is necessary before Sander gives up his presidency of the International Psychological Conference in Bonn and also resigns as DGPs President. Graumann, Weinert and Thomae manage the local conference committee.

1963: Undeutsch, also open to blackmail, is made a psychological expert for the state North Rhine-Westphalia.

1968: In a putsch-like campaign, Graumann is made DGPs- President, "elected" by 33 out of several hundred members. Several voters, known by name, out of the group of Graumann- faithfuls as well as Pawlik, are favored for the positions of President and Vice-President in the following time period.

1990-1998: During the second inquiry into the DGPs in reference to "The prevented science" in 1990, we meet the six Graumann- faithfuls as President and Vice-President in the next five executive committees again: Prof. Drs. Weinert, Kornadt, Spada, Baumann, Amelang, Lüer, while for years Undeutsch headed the division for traffic psychology of the DGPs.  

These facts are in the second fraud book (Kleine-Horst 1998b) that was published in August 1998 and made it into the hands of the DGPs President Prof. Dr. Manfred Amelang, Heidelberg, together with the first fraud book (Kleine-Horst 1992c). But even the election of the executive committee 1998/2000 on October 1st, 1998, which made Prof. Dr. Rainer H. Kluwe, Hamburg, President, did not bring an end to the sabotage. This has continued up to today (December 31st, 2000).

In October of 1998, Prof. Dr. Dieter Heller of Aachen planed to examine my deception books. He promised to inform me of the result of his investigations. However, he never contacted me again and did not answer my two inquiries. Was he silenced as well?

Scientific fraud pays, not only for the forgers, but also for those who know of the fraud but remain silent and for whom the forgers are vulnerable. Both work together to forward the other into positions of power and prestige, by electing each other as presidents and honorary members of national as well as international scientific societies and professional associations, supplying each other with university chairs and doing business. Under such circumstances it is to be expected that my detailed descriptions of the deception are used as "self-help books" by clever young scientists to learn the necessary know how for a safe university career: study the literature of your professor, discover his deceptions, discreetly let him or her know of your findings, and what follows is an honorable ascent full of sinecures through the university hierarchy. It is especially easy for German psychologists. They do not have to worry about finding new deceptions, but can still profit from the Graumann-Undeutsch- Sander forgery. For, as long as the conspiracy of silence that was begun decades ago continues, the forgers can be blackmailed, be it directly or indirectly, through the number of exploiters that has steadily grown over the years. Sander could be blackmailed since 1935, Undeutsch since 1946 and to an even greater extent since 1951, and Graumann and his DGPs executive committees since 1986.

I wonder what the next 75 years will bring.

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